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Monday: 12:39 – 9
Wednesday: 12:30 – 9
Thursdays: 10 – 9

Professional Since: 2003

Kokopelli Professional Since: 2008

I have been named Sparkle Diva by the other nail girls. Glitter makes everything SPARKLE! I originally went to nail school and later realized my desire to branch out in this industry, therefore I went back to school to get my full cosmetology license. Nails are my current specialty in the salon. I just love making your hands and feet look beautiful! When your hands and feet feel good, you feel good! It’s my pleasure to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. I’m very outgoing, there’s always something we can talk about, whether its movies, TV, or good places to dine. I truly enjoy getting to know each client I meet. When I’m not working at Kokopelli I tend bar at McLoone’s Supper Club in Asbury. After working with the public for so long nothing bothers me and I don’t take anything personal. When life throws you lemons you got to make lemonade ladies. Nothing you can do except add a little sugar and glitz. Yum!